Carbon Recycle

Recycling waste for a sustainable fuel future

Partnering with Global Emerald Energy we harness the power of closed loop pyrolysis to convert end of life tyres and waste soft plastic into low carbon intensity ultra-low sulphur diesel fuel, energy, and high-grade carbon black. 
Demonstrated at scale for more than 6 years, the technology utilises controlled batch electromagnetic induction heating to facilitate a fast, self-sustaining, and environmentally friendly process that produces zero emissions.

Modular plant design

The plant will consist of multiple pyrolysis reactors. The number of reactors will defined to suit each location. We envisage that the initial plant will convert 60,000 Tonnes of end-of-life tyres and soft plastics per annum to ultra-low sulphur diesel fuel and high-grade carbon black.

How our pyrolysis technology works

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