Carbon Recycle

Carbon recycling for a cleaner planet

Australia has a waste problem, and without sufficient local recycling infrastructure it’s only getting worse. The current approach is not sustainable. Change is essential to curb our landfill dependence and to drive our transition towards a circular economy. Carbon Recycle’s process harnesses breakthrough electromagnetic pyrolysis technology to permanently eliminate waste through thermal decomposition and create resources that contribute to an environmentally friendly future.


Pyrolysis involves the high temperature (450-1,100OC) decomposition of existing hydrocarbon products, such tyres and plastics, into low molecular weight components, under an inert atmosphere, to produce synthesis hydrocarbon gas / liquids, carbon solids and non-condensable gases.


Our industries are striving to define their journey towards reduced carbon emissions. Both the federal and state governments are committed to reaching net zero by 2050. 
Fossil fuels are a primary contributor of carbon emissions globally, resulting in increasing temperatures and devastating consequences for our ecosystems. Our industries are currently reliant on fossil fuels to sustain their operations, making a clean fuel alternative critically important.
Generated in carbon neutral plants, utilising existing hydrocarbon-based end-of life resources, our low carbon intensity fuel effectively bypasses the exploration, production and importation of fossil fuels to reduce emissions and support industries taking impactful steps towards net zero.


Carbon intensity is a measure of a product’s lifecycle greenhouse gas emissions. CO2-e emissions from pyrolysis produced diesel are approx. 30% of conventional diesel. CO2-e emissions from pyrolysis produced carbon black are approx. 10% of conventional carbon black.

Sustainable fuel security

With a limited fuel refining capacity diminished further by the closure of ageing refineries, Australia is extremely reliant on fossil fuel imports and has minimal fuel security. Our process allows us to produce fuel locally, lowering emissions associated with the importation of fuel into Australia, and contributed to Australia’s energy and fuel independence.

Carbon Recycle Is Accelerating Australia’s Pathway To Net Zero