Carbon Recycle

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The sustainable fuel solution that lowers carbon emissions and lightens landfill.

The problem

In 2018/19 465,000 tonnes of tyres reached their end of life in Australia. 14% was  recovered for domestic re-use and 55% was recovered for export. As of December 2021, export of end-of life tyres was banned. The only alternative now is disposal of tyres in land fill or illegally dumping. 
3.5 million tonnes of plastic are consumed annually in Australia with a recovery rate 11.5%. Over 3 million tonnes of plastics are sent to landfill every year where they produce pollutants including greenhouse gases and microplastics that have a devastating impact on the environment.
With plastic consumption in Australia predicted to increase to around 8.75 million tonnes by 2050, we need to ensure lowering landfill contributions is a priority to protect our vulnerable ecosystems.

Our sustainable fuel solution

Carbon Recycle diverts end-of-life tyres and waste plastics from landfill and reclaims them as a valuable resource for the circular economy. We aim to produce clean, sustainable low carbon intensity diesel that will reduce the carbon emissions of our transport industry and move them towards a net zero future. As a by-product of the process, we will produce high quality carbon black for re-use in tyre manufacturing and other industries.

Clean, environmentally friendly technology

The breakthrough electromagnetic induction pyrolysis process we utilise, developed by our partners Global Emerald Energy, has no combustion-based emissions and generates sustainable low carbon intensity ultra-low sulphur diesel and carbon black. This technology has been thoroughly and successfully tested at a pilot plant in China for over 6 years.
Our plants will be powered by the energy they produce, ensuring our process is clean, closed loop, and kinder to the Earth.

Path to zero (road map)



Secure pre-development funding

Secure land

Secure tyre and plastic waste supply agreements

Secure offtake agreement

Secure technology insurance

Environmental assessment

Commence regulatory approvals

Assess applicable grants

Complete preliminary engineering

Negotiate and secure project funding




Finalise regulatory approvals

Engineering, fabrication, construction, installation and commissioning

Award operations and maintenance contracts




Operations Ramp-up

Commence full operation



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